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vivalajuicy-baby-deactivated201 asked: miley i actually love you.. any new music coming out soon? x

yeahhh, a new single is coming out very very veeeeeeeery soon ;)))))

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des-esperancosa asked: when it comes to Brazil? we miss you!

after a new cd ;D

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Anonymous asked: Miley you are beautiful and my inspiration! i love love love you so much :)) It'd mean so much if you replied!!!

Thank youuuuuuu!!!

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cr4zy-dreams asked: Omg miley, how was your day? you are beautiful baby

Pretty cool :) thanks<3

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Anonymous asked: Miley, you are such a beautiful girl! i love you and i wish i could be you <3 You and Liam are ADORABLE together also :)

awwwwwww, thanks!

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Anonymous asked: You inspire me so much! i sing and i really hope to be discovered and put out there one day!! thank you for being a huge part of my life. i love you and you're SO beautiful <3

:))))) thank you anon, you’re really sweet

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Anonymous asked: You probably won't even see this, but i can only hope you do! you are such a beautiful girl and i hope to meet you one day :) i love you


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Anonymous asked: Miley, you are the prettiest girl i've ever seen in my life! you are my girl crush lol. i hope you reply to me one day cause i love you so much

hahahaa, thanks<3

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cr4zy-dreams asked: Omg your voice is beautiful, often their songs helped me to continue, thanks, I'm crying):

awww, dont cry sweetie. Thanks for all the love <3

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Anonymous asked: Seriously messaging you until you reply! haha i love you so much :) you are soooo gorgeous and i wish i was you <3

hahaha, thank you!!!

be yourself, everybody else is already taken ;)

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